Solar Park Cleaning Ltd offers commercial solar PV panel cleaning and ground maintenance services for solar farms throughout the UK and Europe. Our highly skilled operators understand the delicate nature of the panels and will only clean them using deionized water which we bring to the site. Deionized water ensures:

· All minerals have been taken out including calcium and chlorine
· We won't leave any limescale streaks
· No risk of the aluminium frames oxidising

Our industrial solar panel cleaning system utilises a number of specialised utility vehicles. One of the best in our fleet is the Weidemann Articulated Telehandler, which has an excellent turning radius and, at just 1.4 metres wide, is narrow enough to be able to fit between the aisles of a typical UK solar farm. All of our vehicles are fitted with a SunBrush® mobile brush which, at 4.5 metres wide, can clean the panels in both directions at the same time in one sweep thanks to its clever corkscrew design. This winning combination enables us to offer the most efficient solar farm cleaning technology currently available in the UK.

The UK's leading solar farm and park panel cleaning company

We can clean between 1.5km and 2km worth of panels per hour. Why not contact us to arrange a site survey?

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Efficiency can degrade by up to 30% after 3 years

 solar farm cleaning

Without regular cleaning the panels in a solar farm will degrade and their electrical output will drop dramatically – potentially up to 30% efficiency could be lost after 3 years of installation due to the shade that dirt creates. Even panels with self-cleaning glass need cleaning and maintaining.

Keep your solar farm running at its peak

 solar farm grounds maintenance

We offer a grounds maintenance service to ensure that a solar farm or park is running at its optimum. This means that the aisles and areas underneath the panels are kept free of weeds which otherwise might cause the panels to short. Why not ask us about our annual grounds maintenance contracts?